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  New England Joinery's

Guide to Table Design

 1. Shape

   In assisting with the design of your table, one of the first things to consider is the basic shape.

 Different factors can come into play with this decision, but none more important than realizing how the table will be used, and any limitations that the shape and size of the room might have on the table itself.



 2. Size

  The size is often determined by how many people you need to sit at the table. We recommend allowing 22" -24" of lineal table edge per person...depending on use. So if you want a rectangular table seating one person at each end, and 4 people on each side, you would need a total length of 8-10ft. If a 10ft. Table will not fit into your space, then an adjustment of the shape may be necessary.



 3. Design

  We offer a number of standard designs, ranging from simple 4 legged farm tables (with or with out removable end leaves) trestle table styles, round and elliptical tables , to our top of the line “sto-away” tables with self storing leaves. All these are customizable within our design options.



 4. Base or leg styles

   Tables are typically supported by a set of 4 legs, or one or more pedestals. Since either method works well on smaller tables it is simply a matter of taste. On larger tables, pedestal or trestle bases provide support  well

Inside of the table’s edge and far from chairs and peoples legs.



 5. Table Tops

 We specialize in reclaimed wood tops, utilizing boards that have been salvaged from 200 year old buildings throughout Maine. The boards we use are chosen for their beauty and character to create stunning tops, from our natural line which is more relaxed, to our refined line which fits in any application, formal or casual. We also work with locally harvested Eastern White Pine which can be sawn thicker for a bolder feel as well.



 6.  Finishes

   We use a catalyzed lacquer on all of our furniture. This is a super durable and handsome finish.  We have perfected the sheen to a rich, low luster, that protects your new “Old” dining table for many years to come. Clean up is a breeze, just wipe up spills with a damp cloth.

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