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Trestle Base Options

 We offer 6 different trestle style tables.


  1.   "Colonial"....Very basic, straight lines, no frills with the stretcher up high. (More of a true Shaker design

  2.   "Classic".....This one has a few curves in just the right places, still very simple and very elegant.

  3.   Vase French Colonial"....Shapley with more design elements. 

  4.   Modified "French Colonial".... Basically the same as the "French Colonial"  wider but without the collar

  5.   Regal "French Colonial"...BIGGER than the Modified French Colonial, with thicker wood & with more structural elements and brass hardware

  6.  "Black Forest"....Also Big & Bold but with a few more curves than the "French Colonial"

  7.   "Castine".........Same design as the Black Forest but bigger and bolder!


   The first picture below gives you a great look at the different shapes of the different trestle legs The second pictures illustrates the different foot options.  The "Classic" foot is for the classic leg only.  That is the only option for that design. The next 2 are interchangeable...note the difference in detail on the bottom of  both the "French Colonial" They both have a stepped foot as well. The "Black Forest has it's own simple design also. 


   The French Colonials also can have the collar or's up to you. We hope this makes it clearer for everyone to understand the differences.

Trestle tables
Trestle tables
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