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Natural Tops

Introducing ..our new line of Natural Top dining tables. We use the same reclaimed boards as we do with our very refined farm tables. This line is geared towards the person who likes more texture, and history left behind to tell it's story, and offers a more casual feel. 

 Over the years, we have refined the way we work with the reclaimed woods. Often these boards are 200+ years old, and need a lot of painstaking (and time consuming) work before they can be used in a table. Through this process, our table tops have become more refined than most. What we realized, is that at times, the simplicity and charm of the boards in their more natural state, is also fabulous. 

 These table tops are simple, with no bread board ends, and a few old nail holes here and there. If it becomes necessary to repair a check or a nail hole, you will see that repair. 


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