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3 1/2" Transitional farm leg

 Farm Table Leg Styles

       # 1 ~ 3 1/2" Transitional Farm house leg

Farm Table leg styles

 #2 ~Traditional Farm Dining Table Leg. Clean, simple lines add an understated elegance to any of our handmade tables.  Only available in 3"

Farm Table legs
farm table legs

 #4 ~ Big & Bold Farm house leg. This leg makes a grand impression! It works great on our thicker top tables and offers a rugged rustic look.

Farm Table leg styles

 #5 ~ Davenport dining table leg. Contemporary style leg for our Handmade Farm tables. 

# 3  Farm Table leg  Simple clean turning, goes great with any style dining table available in  3" & 3 1 /2 "

Square timber leg
Trumpet leg
Tapered leg
#9 Modified English Country leg
Farm table leg styles

 # 6 ~ Fluted English Country dining table leg. Simple turning with fluted details. Very Classic. available in:  2 3/4" , 3" , 3 1/2 "

Farm Table leg styles

 #7 ~ French Farm Table leg. Fluid curves add softness to this traditional style country style leg. 

farm table legs

 #8 ~ Modified English Country leg 

  Simple curves leading to an elegent toe.

farm table leg styles

 #9 ~ Blackburn table leg New to our line up this leg has some very gracefull curves.

#3 Farm Table leg
Simple Farm table
Small kitchen table
Farm table leg styles

 #10 Colonial dining leg

 This leg is appropriate for smaller tables

Farm table leg styles

#11 Shallowford dining leg.

NEW..appropriate for smaller tables & desks

farm table leg styles

#12 ~ French Country dining leg

 Available in 3 1/2", 4 1/2 "

farm table leg styles

#13~ Old world dining leg

Perfect for tables with a shelf on the bottom

thin french dining leg 2 3/4"

 12 B-Thin French Country leg 2 3/4"

Modified Blackburn leg
Square timber leg
Reclaimed timber leg
#11 Colonial dining table leg
Custom turned leg #2
Farm table leg styles

#14~ Portsmouth table leg. This is a large leg @4" thick Perfect for that bold thicker top tables

farm table leg styles

#15 ~ Country Squire leg ..This is a Massive leg @ 5"thick another great choice for that big,bold look

farm table leg styles

# 16 ~ 5" wood grain cottage leg. Perfect for a big,bold, farm table

farm table leg styles

#17 ~ Husky Dining leg Another great big 5" thick leg choice

#3 Farm table leg
Reclaimed timber straight leg
Shaker tapered legs on tall kitchen
2 1/2 " Colonial turned leg


Lakeland Tapered dining table leg

# 18

  Lakeland Tapered dining tabe leg. Ads a little design element to a basic tapered leg

Tapered Mission style leg

# 19 Tapered Mission style dining table leg 

Wheeler Dining Table Leg

#20 Wheeler Dining Table Leg

Westminster Dining Table Leg

#21 Westminster Dining Table Leg

Brighton dining table leg 2 1/2"

#22 Brigton Dining leg 2 1/2"

2 1 2 inch slender dining table leg.jpg

#23 slender dining leg 2 1/2 "

Island & Tall kitchen table legs

 Island & Tall table legs are available in different heights and thicknesses. The examples below are all 35" x 3 1 /2"

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