Bread Board Ends

 The bread board ends on our handmade farm tables and other custom dining tables  are done the old way, with precision hand.

They actually serve a purpose, in that the help to hold the table top flat, and to allow the table top to expand and contract with the weather. ( heat & cold, dry and seasonal dampness) No glue on the tenons allow the table to slide back and forth Inside the Tiger Maple bread board ends.

  They also add an attractive element with the beautiful Curly Maple. The tenons are  part of the top, not just screws driven in and covered up with bungs to make it look like the real thing. The pictures below show how exacting and time consuming the process is.

Bread Board ends

This is what we call a Carpenter's stick end, slapped on with screws

Quick and easy never compares to the quality you get when it is done right

Common, Carpenter's "stick end"

TRUE Bread Board ENDS

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