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Our No Return Policy, Sales Slips, & Delivery Information



New England Joinery has a NO Return Policy because our tables are all handcrafted masterclass artisan pieces. They are created as one of a kind and made specifically for each customer. 

  When ordering one of our tables, the understanding is that you want a handmade, piece, that is very much like artwork. Giving us the OK to create the table for you with the choices that are on the sales slip. 

  Therefore, making the custom table non-returnable. This policy is simply in place for clarity's sake. In the end, we hope that our customers will be pleased with the process and enjoy their handmade table for many years to come. We can send pictures of the finished table upon request.

 This policy also includes Winsor chairs, our sooner than later tables or any other pieces provided by New England Joinery.  


**It is important to note, that in 22 years, we have not had a single customer want to return any of our tables, chairs or other furniture. 


 Refunds are considered on an individual basis, before the table build has begun.

    Once a table is being built, is finished, or is slated for delivery there are NO refunds. 



    SALES SLIP / letter of intent - no signature required.

 When we speak with a customer either in person or via Email/Phone the details for a custom table are acknowledged and written down. Once a 50% deposit (on custom tables) is received, a formal sales slip is created and emailed detailing all design choices, payment schedule and delivery information.

  At this point the customer has the chance to review the table specifications, delivery information and balance requirements. If the specifications are accepted by the customer, they must respond by Email ,  in agreement, stating they accept all details on the sales slip. Any changes desired, must be immediately communicated to us by Email and a new sales slip will be created and re-sent by Email to the customer again.

  Once we have sent the new sales slip reflecting changes, there must be an affirmation from the customer to us via Email, stating their acceptance of the new specifications. (Any of our pieces do not leave New England Joinery without being fully paid for, and delivery choices made) 




 DELIVERY Options:

      Customers can opt to have a white glove delivery initiated by New England Joinery. The cost of the delivery is separate from the cost of any furniture and paid by the customer to the delivery company upon their arrival.

       We will begin the delivery process with the movers when the table, chairs or other furniture is nearing completion.

   New England Joinery must initiate the delivery process, and they (the moving company) will contact you, our customer to set up dates and times.

 When any of NEJ's furniture is in the possession of the delivery company, or has been picked up here by the customer, and is in their possession, this finalizes and completes our responsibility. (Please refer to the NO RETURN policy above)

  OR, Our customers may arrange to pick up the table themselves within 2 weeks of the table being completed. We do not have a storage facility to hold tables longer.

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