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Maine's "Forgotten" Woods

New England Joinery is bringing back two of Maine's 
"Forgotten" or should we say Overlooked, woods. Red Pine and Larch. Over the years we have seen both of these woods in our collection of reclaimed boards. After talking with several loggers, we discovered a few things.

#1 The Red Pines usually end up selling out of the country  for decking or to be chipped for strand plywood. mainly because that's where the money is..

#2 Red pine tends to be smaller in girth than the giant White Pines

 Larch is a little heavier and harder than Red pine, close-grained, and very strong. It is used for lumber, poles, pilings , building construction and pulp. Jim has found in the reclaimed boards from antiques house, that both these woods were often used for durable, wide board flooring. Jim has had many logs sawn and these woods are now available for use in our beautiful custom, handmade dining tables.

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