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FAQ Page

We realize that our customers may have questions when it comes to our handmade,custom farm tables and handcrafted Windsor chairs.

 Here are the most asked questions and our best answers!

  • What size table will I need to seat __ people?
    The size of your table is often determined by how many people you wish to seat. We recommend allowing 22"-24" of lineal table edge per person. To simplify this: 5' table will seat 6 people (closely) 6' table will seat 6 easily 7' table will seat 8 people 8' table will seat 8-10 people 9' table will seat 10 people comfortably 10' table will seat 10-12 people (closely) 11 ' table will seat 12 people comfortably To ad end leaves typically adds 4 more people to any length
  • What types of woods do you use?
    We specialize in reclaimed woods for our farm table tops. These boards are salvaged from 18th & 19th century buildings throughout the state of Maine. Sadly most of these buildings are being torn down due to neglect and the cost to maintain. Our inventory of reclaimed boards include Eastern White Pine, Norway Pine, and Eastern Fir. Ocassionaly we come across a few larch and Hemlock. We also use newly sawn Eastern White & Red Pine for our "Rustic Pine" tops. We have recently begun to saw Norway Pine logs, on our own saw mill.These boards will be ready for use in the near future. Our bread board ends are made with highly figure Tiger Maple for it's stregth and beauty. Other select hard woods such as Cherry, White Oak, Rock Maple is also available.
  • What is the difference between Reclaimed wood and "Rustic" Pine tops?"
    Our "Rustic" Pine table tops are made from newly sawn and locally sourced Eastern White or Red Pine. We leave the saw marks in, which gives the boards a nice relaxed, rustic feel not found with milled boards which are completely smooth. The reclaimed boards we use for our table tops are from 100-300 year old trees that were harvested over 100 years ago and used in building barns, and homes. The difference is, old growth trees have tough core heart wood, and a thin layer of sap wood. New growth trees (or younger trees) especially soft woods are grown fast and harvested soon. Their core of the tree is softer and not hardend off.
  • What types of finishes do you use?
    We use a professional grade pre-catalyzed lacquer in a dull-low luster sheen on all of our tables. We have been at this for a long time, and have tried just about everything under the sun. We have found this to be the most protective, durable and beautiful finish for our furniture. Often people ask for a waxed or hand rubbed oil finish because they have heard that that is a "traditional" finish. These finishes leave stains behind with common spills such as water. We have learned that with today's modern lifestyles, they simply do not protect or hold up without constant maintenance. With our finish, a simple damp cloth will clean up most spills. This is a very scratch resisitan finish, and protects against most common spills without leaving any white rings behind. Of course, things out of the ordinary such as a hot pan or plate (out of the microwave or regular oven) will cause a bit of trouble, after all it is not a piece of is still a wooden surface. For more in depth information on this please refer to our things to know page.
  • What is your lead time for a custom table?
    It is best to call us for the existing schedule which changes as new orders come in.
  • Do you deliver nationwide?
    YES! We use two private, moving services who specialize in furniture deliveries for custom builders. One delivers on the east coast, the other mid-West to California. They are what is often referred to as white glove movers. Each piece is carefully blanket wrapped and set up in your home. They have a good working knowledge of our furniture and take great care with each piece. When you inquire about a table or chairs, we will ask for your address, to obtain a quote from our movers. We will let you know what that cost is, for your approval. This cost is separate from the cost of our furniture, and payable by check to the moving company upon their arrival. We will initiate the delivery process by calling our movers and giving them YOUR contact information. They will call you to set up delivery dates and times. This has been working very well for over 15 years, both moving companies are very good at what they do, and very busy as well.
  • What types of payment do you accept?
    We accept personal checks, credit cards (Mastercard & Visa) and of course cash.
  • Is your furniture made with solid woods?
    The answer to this is a resounding YES! All of our handmade farm tables are made with solid woods. We do not use vanered plywoods, or other modern "woods" such as partical board, etc. From the reclaimed wood tops or Rustic Pine tops to the bases, trestle, or four legs, top to bottom is reall 100% quality solid real wood.
  • Are the Windsor chairs you offer handmade also?
    Yes, we offer a wide selection of handcrafted Windsor chairs. From the classic bowbacks to a few more contemporary Windsor chairs there is truly something for every taste.
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