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8ft sto away table

Introducing our New line of hand planed, Norway  Hard Pine Farm Tables.

 Norway Hard  Pine, is abundant here in Maine. Back in the 1700's-1800's it was used in house building mostly it seems, for floors, due to it's harder grain (harder and more durable than White Pine) 

  Today, in modern times it is harvested and sent out of the country for use in chip board and decking.  We have been finding Norway Hard Pine in our search for reclaimed boards over the past 20 years, and now are sawing this ourselves for our table tops. 

  To keep with the old feel and how this wood was used in history, we hand plane each Norway Hard Pine table top to give it that hand worked look that goes so well with the style and craftsmanship of our tables. 


8ft "Sto-Away" Table

8ft "Sto-Away" Table with bowback Windsor chairs & stools The top is hand planed Norway Hard Pine

Norway Pine trestle table

Stain choices

Norway Hard Pine stain choices
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