The Keeping Room at New England Joinery

What is a Keeping room you ask? The "keeping room" was centrally located in early Colonial homes. Generally close to the kitchen and the fireplace. It served as a warm place to gather, sleep and in some cases even house small animals in the bitter Winters. 

  It seemed fitting that our 1790's homestead barn should have it's own "Keeping Room" for our Windsor chairs & handmade dining tables.

  This is the way it works: first people find our website, they inquire by email or phone, and want to discuss having a table and chairs made. Many people order online, or over the phone. We are here for our clients to visit our keeping room, & workshop. Also,it's good to have a style in mind. How many people you want to seat, a length and width that might fit your room. Our leg styles are on our website as well as the chair styles. Call us if you have questions in advance to your visit.

   Our barn is humble, the type of barn that was quickly built back in 1790 to house the farmer's livestock and hay. It is built with timber frame joinery, common in that day. Not a grand barn by any means but solid and true, exactly like our furniture, built with integrity, to last through generations. 

Handcrafted items from the woods of Maine

Small Birch center piece. 7 1/4" x 5 3/8"...$85.00

Often Jim will get a creative burst that frees his mind from the confines of building high end furniture. The precision, and exactness of each of our handmade farm tables can at times get a bit monotonous . 

As with many artists, things will just materialize from looking at a single inspirational piece. 

We collect Birch bark from dead trees on a regular basis to use a a fire starter in our wood stoves, both in the house and the workshop.

This beautiful centerpiece, is made from Maine Birch Bark, a generous, thick piece, and joined together with rawhide, and Eastern White Pine bands as well as a thick Pine bottom. It came to life one day during the Holidays, It is a simple reminder of the beauty all around us, if one only takes the time to look.

This centerpiece measures, 7 1/4" across and 5 3/8" tall. It is perfect for a festive candle, or even a stand alone to hold keys, spare change etc. 

He is working on a larger oval size next. These are available in limited editions, Please call to order yours today! These make great gifts!