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 Sadly, many old buildings in New England are being torn down due to the high cost of restoration, and in some cases, neglect. We locate and buy some of the finest antique boards in the state of Maine. The natural colors and rich textures of these boards is amazing! We hand sand and hand plane, to leave all that rich history for you to enjoy in your new "old"  farm table or custom dining table.

 We search out wide boards that were sawn in the 18th or 19th century and used to build a house or barn. This means that the tree itself was already 100-200 years old!...That makes the wood in your table top almost 400 years old in some cases. 

 Our Inventory of reclaimed wood includes more exceptional, wide White Pine, Norway Pine and Fir boards than ever before! We also now have a great variety of thick boards, planks, and beams for thicker table tops, legs and even mantle pieces. Give us a call today for more information.

 The color samples below show what the reclaimed woods can look like once they are finished. Please keep in mind that all wood is different. Just as each tree is different. The color and tone vary from board to board even in the same species. We do our very best to get your table as close to these samples as possible.






 It is important to remember that the boards used in our "refined" reclaimed wood top farm tables are 200 years old (or more) Each one has its own inherent color to begin with . The White Pine tends to run more yellow-golden in it's natural hues. The Fir grain has some reddish hues in it, this is the Winter growth. 

 We can't change is what it is! and we like it that way! After all this is what makes these tops so spectacular, it's real, not spayed on and covered up to look perfectly even.

 So what do you do if you have your heart set on a specific "color"....We can, and do, add stains to manipulate the natural tones and hues to a certain degree. We can "tone" down the reds to be more brown,(although the reds will still be present..remember, it is the board's natural color) Or help even out a more stark yellow tone as well. Please understand, just as each board is different, each table is different, No two are the same. 

  The samples shown below are to help you understand the general direction each of the different woods can go beyond their natural starting point. 


Reclaimed White Pine stain samples
These are the chosen colors for the Reclaimed White Pine
Reclaimed Fir Top colors
These are the six stain choices for our reclaimed Fir table tops.
Reclaimed Norway Pine samples
These are the stain choices for our refined, reclaimed Norway Pine farm table tops
Norway Pine samples # 5 & # 6
These are on the darker side for the Norway Pine.
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Great example of Reclaimed Fir boards

The most important thing to note here is the grain pattern and texture. 

Reclaimed Pine top Farm Tables

Beautiful example of reclaimed Pine boards. The texture is more even and smoother than the Fir

Reclaimed wood top farmhouse tables

Elegant example of Norway Pine boards. The texture is much like that of the Eastern White Pine. We have a limited supply of these boards so, be sure to ask Jim what is available for your table.

Notice the hand planed surface n this beautiful Norway Pine Farm table top

morris table with chairs 4_edited.jpg
Reclaimed Wood farm tables

The leaf for this finished table starts out like this! No Machine can make this board shine! 

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