Welcome to Canaan Farm

 Canaan Farm is our small, homestead farm in East Monmouth, Maine dating back to the late 1700's, Nothing fancy, but full of charm, and activity year round.

 The main enterprise here at Canaan Farm, is New England Joinery, our handmade,custom furniture business. We have been here in Monmouth, since 2005. While our handmade furniture is the mainstay for us here..

     Jim Lower, also has, a green thumb!.. He has been making nutrient rich compost for our personal gardens for 10 years, and finally has decided to turn his knowledge and expertise into a business venture.

   With the addition of a John Deere tractor this year, Jim is now able to work the compost piles daily, and can produce an impressive amount of finished compost in a modest period of time. 

   We gather all kinds of organic materials, from coffee grounds to leaves, grass clippings, hay,  raw vegetable scraps etc. along with aged manure, and thoroughly work it all into the piles. This is not your common "40 year plan" compost pile that sits outback and simply rots...Jim works his piles and knows exactly where each one stands as far as temperatures, and how far along they are in the decomposition process.

  The result is a lush, rich mixture suitable for all your gardening & landscaping needs.

  For planting your vegetable & flower gardens, we recommend putting a shovel full in the bottom of each hole as you plant. This way the nutrients are right at the roots where they are needed most, this will feed your plant all season long. Canaan Farm compost will be available directly from the farm or at select retailers in Central Maine. We will post a complete list once we get that all settled. 

 Each year we plant over 600 cloves of organic, GMO free Garlic! Our goal is to be able to offer fresh garlic straight from the farm, in the late Summer. We planted both Russian Red Garlic and a hearty German White. Both do remarkably well in the Maine climate and store well. They were planted with a bit of our organic compost and are resting comfortably beneath a thick bed of hay for the Winter.

  We are getting well know by locals who come back year after year to buy their own fresh, organic garlic for either planting or eating.

Canaan farm Organic Garlic
Canaan Farm Organic Garlic
Canaan Farm Organic Garlic
Canaan Farm Organic Compost & Fresh Garlic
Canaan Farm Organic Compost & Fresh Garlic
Canaan farm Organic Compost & Fresh Garlic
Canaan farm Organic Compost & Fresh Garlic
Canaan farm Organic Compost & Fresh Garlic

 Our organic compost is available at the following retailers near Augusta Maine!


  Gossline's Hardaware.........................Main Street Farmingdale, ME.


  Steven's Farm & Greenhouses...........Maine Street Monmouth, ME.


  Riverside Greenhouses.......................169 Farmington Falls Road, Farmington, ME.


  K & G True value Hardware Store.........65 Main Street Richmond, ME. 04357

 Roaring Brook Nurseries.......................639 Gardiner Road, Sabbattus, ME. 04280


New England Joinery
(207) 440-3885 | Jim's cell
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(207) 933-2463 | Workshop landline

641 Route 135 | Monmouth, ME. 04259

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